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Overcoming Omicron!

Yes. We are all going to catch Covid at some point. How we survive it will depend on prayer, taking care of our bodies and the tools/weapons we use.

If you have been following us at Auset-Isis, we have been sharing information on how a virus is transmitted (7 F’s and an R) and the biosafety protocols needed to protect yourself.

Once community spread starts, the biosafety protocols will help insure that you get only a small viral load (like a whisper) instead of getting a full-frontal attack (knockout punch).

1) Seniors, people who are immunocompromised, have comorbidities or the unvaccinated should consider grocery shopping during empty store hours or have groceries, drugs or any other necessities delivered.

2) Dining with others who are not members of your household is safer outdoors.

3) If you are dining with people who are outside of your household see our holiday blog.

4) Procure the best mask and hand sanitizer available to you. We recommend the Livinguard mask and Skinguard the only research proven hand sanitizer that continuously kills Covid and other pathogens for four hours.

5) Locate a fast testing facility in your area. Test before gathering with your friends who live outside of your household. It is vitally important that you test before visiting seniors even if you are well. Test even if you are slightly or mildly sick.

6) We will know in about 3 to 4 weeks exactly how deadly or how mild Omicron really is. It takes that long to accumulate the research data from real patients. So, any discussion about how mild or how severe Omicron is at this point, 12/22/21, is premature. We will have a better idea of how mild or severe omicron is somewhere around the end of the first week of January.

7) Every home will need to have at least one air purifier for the room with the sick person.

8) If you are over 40 get some nitric oxide (NO) and have that in your medicine cabinet.

At age 40 your body produces less NO.

NO helps oxygenate your blood, keeps your blood vessels widened, helps reduce plaque buildup. Covid has a harder time replicating in well oxygenated blood - Some people are using it as a supplement right now.

The day a person is diagnosed with Covid start on nitric oxide 1 and a half tablets taken two times a day, 12 hours apart. Clinical trials are showing this will help prevent severe illness.

Looks very promising.

NO is also available OTC. Amazon has it.

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