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Biosafety on a Budget

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

“How can I afford this?” “Isn’t this going to cost me a lot of money?”

We are here to tell you that you, the average citizen, can get access to some of the same protections that businesses and organizations are utilizing. In fact, using the information gleaned from consulting with large organizations we can show you how to get similar protections for you and your family. Once you are armed with information and what you need you can navigate through this with ease, comfort, and confidence.

We know many folks are awaiting a stimulus check and watching their dollars closely. Here are our recommendations for folks working within a tight budget. For under $100 you can pretty much have the bare-bones basics, scientifically proven substances that will help you enact biosafety measures for yourself and your family without wasting your money on products not proven to kill COVID and products that can be damaging with long term use. What you spend could be a lot less if you join together with others and purchase certain replenish-able items.

The first must-have item is the eBook Navigating a New World. How a virus is transmitted; the 7 F’s and an R is the first topic discussed. You don’t have to have a course in microbiology but once you understand how COVID (or any other virus for that matter) is spread you will be armed with the basic knowledge needed to protect yourself AND the actions we suggest you take will intuitively make sense to you. The why, how, where and when to use these items is explained In the ebook Navigating a New World. Purchase the eBook, get your community on the same page, and help save lives by sharing the contents with your family and loved ones.

SARS COV-2 is here to stay. We will have to learn to live with it and its’ variants circulating the globe.

The other tools needed are

2. 70-75% isopropyl alcohol.

3. Hypochlorous or HOCL, an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, green disinfectant research-proven to kill COVID. This is your staple disinfecting substance because long term overuse of alcohol can cause problems. This is the substance being used in disinfectant foggers. HOCL can also be used as hand sanitizer, safe to use on food as a veggie wash, and to disinfect your mask as needed.

4. Long-acting combo Antiseptic/anti-microbial hand soap,

5. N95 (or better) rated masks

5. Large mist sprayer. You might need a second one for your car.

6. Two small travel size mist sprayers -one for your alcohol and one for the HOCL. You might need multiple sets for each member of the family and your car.

Where to buy:

Navigating a new World eBook $10. Purchase the eBook and help save lives by sharing the contents with your family and loved ones.

Isopropyl Alcohol 70-75% isopropyl alcohol about $4. If you can’t find it at your store get it direct from a manufacturer.

HOCL $40 plus shipping. Comes in four half-gallon bottles. One year shelf life unopened. 90 days after the bottle is opened. My family of three uses about one bottle per month.

The absolute cheapest way to go is for a community to get together and make HOCL for themselves. Make your own HOCL


“Many low-quality systems manufactured in China are requiring very large quantities of salt. If you see that the directions on a system require 5 to 20 grams of salt per Liter, you can be sure that the electrolysis cell is very small and your solution salinity will be extremely high. Most likely the system is generating sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) and not hypochlorous acid (HOCl).”

And an explainer on how to make your own HOCL.

ANTISEPTIC/anti-microbial soap. Wash your hands the way doctors do and we explain why In the eBook - $10.


N95 rated mask or better 10 pack $17.99

Bulk purchase

50 masks for $40. 80 cents per mask

From Amazon

KN95 Face Mask 60 Pack, Included on FDA EUA List, 5-Ply black...

60 masks for $$70/ 85 cents apiece.

1. Large hair or fine mist sprayer for your HOCL -$9 Can be purchased through Amazon

2. Small travel size spray bottles-one for alcohol and one for your HOCL -$6 local drugstore or Amazon.

Admittedly, this is the bare-bones, basic, no-frills list. There are other things you can purchase-better gadgets-like cordless mister sprayers, personal bio-decontamination units, sanitizing shoe mats, or high-tech masks. Sure, you can purchase other items. For example alcohol wipes for the grocery store and at the gas pump. However, a travel size alcohol spray bottle and a paper towel do the same thing.

Beloved community -stay safe. We are here for you.

Dr. Lane Rolling, MD

Dr. Patricia Jones Blessman, Ph.D.

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