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Our Community - Our Strategy

We created a short guide for the community so that everyone can learn what it takes to stay safe and move forward with our lives. We believe that people should be treated with respect, make the science accessible, and if we tell people the truth, they will understand what to do to stay safe. A pandemic is just as much a psychological crisis as it is a medical one. Globally we are facing a catastrophic event that will change how we go forward into the future. This is an event which is requiring all of us to take in, learn, and integrate scientific knowledge quickly. We must make adaptations and form new behaviors consistently to survive and thrive. Our eBook Navigating a New World- COVID is Here to Stay is packed with useful information. With knowledge, you can live fully in the present and adeptly move forward boldly and confidently into your future.

Dr. Patricia Jones Blessman, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

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