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BA.5 & Newly Emerging Variant Centaurus is a Coronavirus ‘Beast' & Here’s How to Protect Yourself

Respiration- Masks/Ionizers

Since COVID is primarily transmitted through respiration, it’s essential to consider the air you breathe in. If you are going to wear a mask, use a high quality mask that is also antiviral. The Livinguard safety mask at is preferred because the specially treated fabric kills COVID says the European manufacturer’s website.

Ionizers, on the other hand, blocks viruses by keeping them away from your face-like having an invisible helmet. The negative ion generator has a similar invigorating effect as standing near a waterfall. AirTamer is the Best known and most researched ionizer brand but there are less expensive versions on Amazon. Warning: people with implanted electrical medical devices should not wear an ionizer.

What we touch - Hands

Unconsciously we touch our faces with our hands perhaps more frequently than we realize. Skinguard is the best hand sanitizer on the market. There are none in its class as a long lasting continuous action hand sanitizer. Use our code Auset10 to get a substantial discount.

These items (mask/ionizer) plus Skinguard used together will give significant pathogen blockage. In our family, we don’t leave home without them!


Outdoors gatherings are preferable to indoors, especially if eating is involved. If you must gather inside, make the setting as well-ventilated as possible by opening doors and windows or using room air purifiers. Wearing antiviral masks or ionizers also offers an additional layer of protection. I suggest wearing ionizers whether indoors or outdoors at events. Warning: in massive, densely crowded events, like outdoor music festivals or sporting events where you may be shoulder to shoulder with screaming fans for more than an hour, an ionizer alone may not provide sufficient protection.

Pre-event testing. Strongly recommended and should be mandatory if older people or those with underlying health conditions are present, or if attendees have frequent contact with vulnerable people.


The latest variants (B4, B5 and BA2.75 nicknamed Centaurus) are great at evading the protection offered by vaccines or previous infections. Our current vaccines, based on the first identified Wuhan COVID strain, are nearly obsolete.

Learn how a virus is transmitted and how to block them with the latest tech at every Tuesday, 7pm cst.

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