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London, is That You?!

I woke up to the hum of a Delta Airlines engine, souring 30,000 feet in the moonlit sky. The playlist of 55 songs clearly was a misjudgment made the night before, as I prepared the last details for my trip back across the Atlantic to delve further into the city of London!

I couldn’t believe I was heading back so soon! This time was on a whim just as much as the first, and only due to being an agent of change through Auset-Isis and our biosafety protocols and essentials, did I feel confident enough to yet again undergo the experience!

I was comfortable the entire ride in my Livinguard mask ( only removing it to eat and drink when necessary - It’s an 11-hour ride, and through sleep and eating, my mask was inevitably going to slip. But, I never had to worry due to having a fully charged ionizer

Although I welcomed the hand sanitizer provided by the airline, I made sure to have my Skin Guard ( applied even before entering the plane! A hand sanitizer that fits like a glove, lasts for hours, and even withstands handwashing, I was certain that I was safe.

And safe I was! Once on the ground, I was on my own in the sense of finding my way to the hotel.

Which means I was reading directions, sort of following the crowd, and taking the tube. From experiencing the tube the previous time, I knew how to strategically position myself close to air circulation, and knew right away how to protect myself and what air I was breathing.

Exploring London, while knowing my biosafety was on point, helped make the experience what it was; a successful journey to the other side of the World, yet again.

Auset has helped me feel less and less sequestered as this pandemic has raged on. To be able to travel the World has been a blessing, and has left me feeling more emboldened than ever - Thus, it was only right that I made sure to share that same energy and good spirits, and check-in with Auset's most dedicated global member, Ms. Patriicia. :)

Hand delivering her the same very products that allowed me to travel all that way, Ms. Patriicia and I grabbed a juice from a neighborhood shop, conversed about the Prime Minister's latest (hypocritical) actions, the United States's successes and shortcomings since last we had a chat, amongst other pandemic related topics, and a pleasant (+ safe) time was had.

It's safe to say, London has my heart and I definitely answered the call.

But as important as it was to experience for the second time, it was equally as important to remain safe - And Auset-Isis afforded me that chance!

To me, this is what thriving feels like, not surviving, and that is exactly the life we want to help provide you with.

Until next time; stay safe, stay positive and stay deliberate.


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